Friday , April 16 2021

Ripley expects 20% of total sales to be online and says he will focus on own brands

The e-commerce commitment remains strong for retailing, and in the case of Ripley, the expectations are that, if everything goes as it was until now, sales of the digital channel reach 20% this year. This was stated by the company during a meeting of shareholders, held this morning.

Last year Calderon's family firm closed the year with 15% of retail sales through this channel, which is an increase of 37.5%. A performance that, according to the painting, will be held during this year.

One of the focus of the brand for this year is to accompany the miniature and digital transformation of customers, both through the website and from the mobile application and implementation of mobile POS stores, among other initiatives. In addition, more than 300 brands of different products have been added to Merkado Ripley's website, and as part of the ability to send online purchases, international shipments are included, via DHL, in electronic and fashion articles.

The company will also require this year to continue to profitable their area of ​​†<†<square meters, as well as the focus of their own brands, detailed in the presentation during the meeting.

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