Saturday , April 17 2021

Rio Oscuro's head hit his followers: It was discovered that Alberto was the mysterious motorcyclist | Fun and shows

This channel on Wednesday 13th issued a new chapter on his new evening, The dark river, in which a great secret was discovered.

This is the identity of bikers which disturbs Clara (Amparo Noguera) after arriving in the city and that to this day was a mystery.

It's for nothing less than Alberto (Gabriel Canas), the son of Juan (Julio Milostich), who found him after entering the secret laboratory where he was kidnapped Manuel (José Antonio Raffo).

When he entered the room, Alberto I could not believe what I saw: It was his beloved disappeared, which he even assumed to be dead.

The meeting was the first emotional, but perhaps – perhaps because of his traumas after being jailed for two years – Manuel asked him to leave. However, he insisted. "My love, you are alive … I will take you from here"he said.

But everything was destroyed when Juan arrived at the site and with a pistol in his hand he threatened Alberto, who turned and left his father shocked.

Recall that Kanya's character kidnapped Clara and tried to kill, so Juan had a special motivation to find the mysterious motorcyclist.

Finally, on the social networks viewers were affected, celebrating the production of Channel 13 on how the story develops.

Here are some of the reactions below.

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