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Returning to the glory of the past [FW Labs]

In returning the franchise to its origin in World War II, Battlefield V is a fun game, but it still has debts.

One of the biggest sagas of shooting games is back in the home, who saw him take his first steps. We are talking Battlefield V, a guarantee of generation and electronic arts to return to World War II. As we all know, in this case were placed the first games of this franchise.

After the good acceptance of battlefield 1 with World War I, the Swedes decided to take advantage of the launch of their more up-to-date version inspired by the latter. Without a doubt this created a lot of expectation. After all, what other conflicts are interesting and deadly than the Nazis took part?

Only this week, Battlefield V had a launch, but in Fayerwayer we already had the ability to test it in its version of the computer. These were our impressions:

Battlefield V: Returning to the glory of the past [FW Labs]

The only player who refuses to die … but does not regenerate

The first time I played Battlefield 1, I did it without expecting any kind of narrative, especially. However, I came across the so-called "war stories", which left me delighted. The reason for this is that they gave me an experience that already began to die in the genre of shooters at that time.

The only thing that did not look so good was the duration of this "Campaign Mode". Each of the stories lasted only an hour, and only started with five. In Battlefield V they showed only three with a promise for the fourth (and one that looks more interesting) in the future. The truth is that those we currently have … do not shine much.

Yes, we are returning to the same formula of the previous war. We have soldiers, heroes and rebels leading skirmishes in order to defeat the enemy through less conventional tactics. The problem with this is that although each story is unique, the way the characters achieve their goals is too similar.

Let me explain: we have a young Norwegian woman who opposes the German occupation, an English criminal released from prison in the "suicide squad" plan, and a Senegalese soldier fighting for France despite being scorned. Having these elements can vary greatly, but quickly the player realizes that they are erected in the same way.

In all there are hidden scenarios, shootings and a mission to "destroy X the amount of points". The only one that can stand out among others could be the "Last Tiger" in which a German tank is piloted. However, it is not yet available.

Despite this, it is highly appreciated that there are still narrative intentions. We hope that the last German history will give us that sort of sort that we lacked with the other three.

Battlefield V: Returning to the glory of the past [FW Labs]

I bet to play as a team

Battlefield V took over the class system seen in World War I to become more solid. There is attack soldier, which is equipped with machine guns and rocket launchers forwards; we see the one from "recognition& Quot ;, which in a few words is a sniper; one support, in charge of distribution of ammunition; and doctor, which provides healing packages.

This time he says he wants us to make us more like a team, causing more peer dependency. For example, ammunition is now smaller, so if you do not have a support companion to give you supplies, you can soon run out of bullets. In addition, you will have only one flight with which you can heal, so you will need a doctor if you do not want to die so fast.

Team team changes are very noticeable. When you fall into battle, each of the three companions will be able to come to life. You can really cry for first aid while there is a "dead clock" that you can postpone to help or speed up to cause quick respawn. Of course, it will remain a privilege for the doctor to revive his colleagues faster and with greater health.

This is important because it really shows when your team works together or not. Playing will find people who do not shake, even though they are bleeding to death and praying for help. However, when you meet careful people, you feel that you support you at all times and you can constantly fight despite losing.

Battlefield V: Returning to the glory of the past [FW Labs]

Multiplayer modes

Regarding the game modes, we see an improved version of "Operations" called "Major operations"Over the course of several days (gamers), players must fight for the destruction / protection of several goals. The results of one day will be transferred to the next in bonuses for the attacking team if it achieves its goal. bound, it is defined as a sudden death in which no team will have regenerations.

For a rest, we have a typical way of conquering, advancing, dominating and dueling to death ̶c̶o̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶. There is a novelty that is "Front", which is to capture flags until you unlock the enemy base, where the targets are dynamised to win the game. Enemies can retreat against them until they set up a siege on the base.

We see a great multiplayer experience that is now much more frantic compared to its predecessor. Of course, it still maintains the habit of dying often with random elements such as planes or missiles. This is a war, I suppose.

By the way, the random deviation of the bullets is eliminated. Therefore, we will have more comfort when it comes to fighting middle and long distance.

Battlefield V: Returning to the glory of the past [FW Labs]

Very refined art

The Frostbite engine does not disappoint us by giving us a great display of images in Battlefield V. Details such as lighting in the environment are very well accomplished and worthy of being the successor to the artistic success that it had in its time Battlefield 1. That we can understand when this aspect emphasizes to show very well the presence of moisture in the environment as It is seen in the picture below.

As usual, the stages are very well cared for, especially in military stories. I remember one that I especially liked and it was in Norway, where aurors of the night sky were involved. In the meantime, in the day when the glow of the sun on frozen lakes gives a spectacular and highly photorealistic result.

Textures of objects and the environment are very well defined. Beyond its shape, you can easily distinguish the visual sensation that produces anything from steel to piece of fabric.

On the other hand, the visual and sound effects are still unbelievable. The experience of chaos caused by fire and explosions is very similar to what one can experience in the first person. Of course, the shots and threats of the soldiers end up being on the battlefield.

All of this with fluency that at least on a computer can be considered flawless.

Battlefield V: Returning to the glory of the past [FW Labs]


I did not want to conclude without first mentioning the controversy that arose after the Battlefield V trailer was discovered. Many people were upset when they saw a woman in the video, complaining that "now the battlefield is in a fashion to be inclusive without any sense".

I decided to check how this subject affected the game and I found nothing that changed the experience. In multiplayer mode, each player decides on the appearance of his character from a list of predefined persons. Like that, if you prefer your soldier to be "G.ünter "and not" Helga ", there is no hindrance.

The existence of women does not affect anything. It's not that they get naked or start looking for privileges on the battlefield. They behave like: soldiers in order to kill the enemy. Make sure it's not something you'll notice while playing, so there's no need to make comments like "now in the DLC will be involved black transgender lesbians feminazis". So, feminazis Yes, we will find them literally.

Battlefield V: Returning to the glory of the past [FW Labs]

We are waiting for the rest

No one is aware that Battlefield V will not deliver all the content at once, but through several free DLCs over time.. This in itself is a descent for his followers, who should wait to get a fuller game. In fact, some interesting things, such as the military tale "The Last Tiger" or the inclusion of the Royal Battle regime, will take some time to see the light.

It gives a feeling that there is still more to be seen to give a proper opinion about the game. So far it has been fun, but the player always craves more and thinks of anything that could explode the title in relation to this conflict. For example, would not it be a good idea to include the Eastern Front with the Soviet Union? Not only that, you could use other actors as fascist Italy.

In summary, Battlefield V is a faithful continuation of its predecessor and knows how to display the many emotions of IIGM. With the changes in the rhythm of multiplayer games has achieved truly fun results. The same can not be said about the way a player is a little short of their intentions and expectations.

However, it is still audiovisual beauty. The user is concerned about more, which will surely calm down when new content is published. He recognizes the efforts to bet the fever from the moment: The Battle of Royal, which still needs to be seen. What you see today can be described as a highly recommended title with a growing space more.

Battlefield V: Returning to the glory of the past [FW Labs]

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