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Retrace the compartment of the insured preoccupation of a hospital staff at Coquimbo

A climate of preoccupation is present among the staff of the Hospital San Pablo de Coquimbo, with the potential for unnecessary medical problems, such as problems with generic interior refinishing, similar to the environment, and other areas. donde se ha adido de crisis sanitarias.

The interior of the hospital alarms in El Día where there is a disadvantage that there is currently a 50% medication menus in bodega, including the addition of essential elements, such as mandatory inclusion of a retrospective and reprogramming operations.

The information circulates throughout the hospital between alarms in the hospital, including the eventual collapse of the assisted dentistry center, which has been reported as of July 08 without any noticeable accidents. tipo ”.

Las cifras del hospital

Contacted by this situation, Germán López, Director of the Hospital de Coquimbo, described the emergence of the crisis and the immediate crisis as "no immediate suspicion of intervening in the crisis and no further intervention of the emergency services." medicamentos ”.

The following data are included including 20.3% of the specialty consultants integrating comparisons with each other, such as any interventions implicated in medication, laboratory and laboratory interventions, and other active interventions. , aumentado en numero, lo no series imposible con un desabastecimiento.

In the form of tertiary care, hospital admissions and interventions quirks, 5.7% and 16.8% respect, “but only if the product is produced alguna baja in the productividad by the insured or product no es efectivo ”, aseguró.

Retrace the pay of a tester

The director said that there were no periodic reunions with toddlers who were "alien to the punctual problem of getting ready for a job", as the embargo indicated that there was a possible escalation of rumors. “This is the conversations and acronyms of the situation. The alarm alarm is the product of the Valparaíso Regiment ”, dijo.

In this area, the Colegio Medico has advertised a crisis of sanitation and stocks of medicines and insects, only in hospitals and consultants. At the Hospital Carlos Van Buren, the transparent directions that currently exist are at a distance of approximately 1,700 million pesos per test area, converging in Valparaíso and La Araucanía, in most regions without compromise.

"Efectivamente hubo un retroso en el payo temoresores, explico the theme y no van dejar de entregarles insumos al hospital", Germán Lopez, director Hospital San Pablo.

The Association of Providers of the Industry of Salud (Apis) has made a number of inquiries against the Minister of Salud, citing Minister Jaime Mañalich's denial of the presumption of partisan medical evidence.

In the course of hospital admissions, the director explicitly stated that "the efficacy is similar to that of any of the anteroids, in that it is regularized in marz." This is a hub of a cambio in the modalities of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the provosts in the front of the General Secretariat of Gobierno, and this process is being discussed at a glance at all the provincial constituencies. acostumbrados a recibir el pago de sus facturas ”.

Lopez reconocees that there are "malentendidos" with probationary evidence, but is embargoed, as if he had personalized communications in laboratories that have been proven to be insensitive, "that explicitly refers to the subject of retaliation or punishment del tema y de que no van dejar de entregarles insumos al hospital ”, sostuvo.

Insist that it includes "between"

The director of the hospital indicated that there were no alert settings, including inspections beforehand, “but one topic of inventory management and stock control in bodegas (…) is no longer the case, but only espionage. surplus para almacenar más medicamentos, porque no tenemos el espacio ”, sostuvo.

20.3% más de consultas integrales se hecho en el Hospital de Coquimbo. These include medical supplies and services in the laboratory.

This is a query, the result of which is "absurd" as if nothing had been done since July 08, but there is no existing "no collapse" reservoir, which does not exist.

"This is the hub of a cambio in the interoperability of mercury, the subject of which is the administration of the process of producing lenses, but not significantly reducing the burden on the insured's medication", the aggregate.

Climate of escalation and economy of guerra

En tanto, des Colegio Medico a local indican level in the crisis but the de facto hospitalization "generaciones" in the medical center of the Coquimbo Region, detect a "escalating climate" in the interior of the hospitals, lleva a los equipos clínicos a tener mucho cuidado con los gastos.

“Hay casos, but ejemplo in those who are entrusted with a pubellation that can be traced back to the hay poca gasa, which is no medication, enters into a pensar of their alternatives. There is no debate about whether medicines should be available for use in primary care, ”said Dr. Colegio Medico, president of the Consejo Regional del Medico. Rubén Quezada.

"Puede on what is currently making the decision, alienating the economy in the economy and having problems with salvation", Rubén Quezada, President Colegio Medico La Serena.

The problem, explicitly, is that there are situations where you have to go through informal channels, "get instructions, verbs and passwords, which are generic if you are responsible for neglecting or responding to unnecessary portions." esta falta de insumos al equipo clinico ”, sostuvo.

The situation is generally preoccupied and the colleague is lured into a portal for fomentar los denuncias escrituradas, but "as the decision-making moment is, alienated by the economic crisis in the economy and the economy is in dire straits." ”, Añadió el Professional.

Quezada as if it had reunions with the Salud servicemen and it did not appear to have any effects on the payroll, as long as there was no reimbursement, no embargo, these terms were similar to the situation in the climates. who act in the economy of the guerra, cuidándose en lo que gastan ”, indicó.

In a comic strip, the Colegio Medico is equipped with an electronic correction device (portal@colegiomedico.cl) to recite reports of a median or distant lesion in a climatically inaccessible interior of the hospital. la atención en salud.

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