Sunday , August 1 2021

Retired childhood of Benjamin sparked suspicion among followers of Pacto de Sangre TV and a show

A new chapter of the night series Blood Test it was lived on the night of this Thursday. In the end, a revelation about the past Benjamin (Alvaro Espinoza), which generated series of suspicions in social networks.

In the final episode of the episode, the man and his wife, Trinidad (Ignacio Baeza), had an intense conversation with the psychiatrist who treated his son Ignacio, who questioned them about their daily relationship.

At that time, the character of Espinoza visited a difficult past that would explain some of his views on adults, although this is just an assumption.

Before the doctor, "Banja" indicated that he had a childhood that was marked the death of his mother, when he was very small, and the abuses he was subjected to by his father.

In progress, he acknowledged that his father enjoyed hitting him when he was a child, adding that the memory of those events is something very difficult for him.

This situation has caused many people, in social networks, to take assumptions about the surprise of the surgeon. Some claimed that their behavior was due to this cruel past.

It should be noted that Blood Test has led trends in social networks again through the #TriniManipuladora hashtag.

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