Monday , August 2 2021

Resident Evil 2 changes the biography of Leon S. Kennedy and fans are upset Video games

Resident Evil 2 is approaching. This is one of the most anticipated editions of 2019, will bring a new story about what we saw in the first version PlayStation.

Recall that in 1998 edition of Resident Evil 2 not specified why Leon S. Kennedy He was late on the first day of work at the police station Raccoon City. Now, with the remake of the title, new official information came to this detail and it happened Leon came late due to drunkenness after breaking up with his girlfriend.

Here an extract of the new information is shared that there is this key character of the franchise Resident Evil. "After confirming that they had not contacted him and felt that something was not going well, Kennedy goes to the police station. Soon after, after arriving in the city of Rakun, his life changed"says the official description.

There are those who have criticized this change in social networks because drunkenness is not enough to survive the zombie apocalypse. What do you think of this change? Resident Evil 2?

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