Monday , August 2 2021

Rescue in Bolivia Chilean kidnapped and tortured by a criminal organization

Bolivian police rescued Chilean who was kidnapped in his country and moved to Bolivia, where he was tortured to ask his family for a sum of money in a case where five people were arrested, official sources said today.

Bolivian Interior Minister Carlos Romero explained at a media briefing in Cochabamba that police managed to find the place where Robinson Camilo Castillo, 24, who was kidnapped by his captors in the Bolivian city of Sabai, about thirty minutes by country with the border with Chile.

Romero said the perpetrators were torturing him and filmed the boy to send the video to the relatives of the kidnapped, to demand a ransom of about $ 20,000.

After being tortured, the young Chilean was transferred from Sabaia to the city of Cochabamba, in the center of Bolivia, according to the interior minister.

The minister said the kidnapping took place on December 26 in Iquique, and then the young man was "interned by an unauthorized border point" in Bolivia.

Romero pointed out that the released young man was taken to immigration offices.

For his part, the Bolivian police commander, Romulo Delgado, reported the arrest of five people, four Bolivians and one Colombian, reportedly linked to the abduction.

According to Delgado, it will be a criminal organization operating in Chile and Bolivia.

The commander added that the young man's relatives, who made a $ 5,000 payment, made a report through a number of WhatsApp the police have and have since conducted investigations.

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