Monday , August 2 2021

Rene O'Ryan's last dream was filled with his wife for several months before he died

On Saturday, December 29, the death of former instructor of the Vod program was confirmed. Rene O'Ryan, who has long fought against cancer of the stomach

The "instructor" was always positive during the illness. In addition to tightly monitoring your medical treatment, He also tried for alternative medicine, and not for a second he threw it in a cloth.

Because of this strong and positive attitude, he continued his life as if nothing had happened. He even took time to fulfill one of his wife's dreams, 10 months ago: parachute together.

And so, the couple, through a double temperament, was launched by the plane and they shared the record in their Facebook profile.

Here you can see some of the recorded images that they have met together:

Facebook René O'Ryan

Facebook René O'Ryan

Facebook René O'Ryan

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