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Rene O'Ryan will discover a new tumor before he dies

This Saturday confirmed the death of former instructor of TVN's Pelotsk reality Rene O'Ryan, who died after a severe battle against cancer of the esophagus and liver, which struck him for about two years.

The former military man was hospitalized this Friday at Fach Hospital and died at 17:00 the next day. More details are now known. According to the "Last News" slogan, weeks before the O'Shan's doctors discovered a new tumor in the esophagus, this time it does not work.

However, close to him, they assure that in the last months they saw it well and that even tests that were made in a short time did not seem to have changed. His fall was therefore a surprise.

"Obviously a tumor appeared. It was all very fast. Three weeks ago this happened. I had no idea. Obviously he did not want to tell me. I just found out. I swear it was OK, "said Pepa Siledon, a friend and former partner of O & M Ryan Heavy weight.

Renee was diagnosed for the first time in December 2016, but was not until June 2017, he publicly announced what he was living.

"When the first inconvenience started, I was at the best stage of my life coming from Europe with my wife and my son, leaving the inconveniences that were late, bad and never, and they gave themselves when they ate meat," commented last year in morning hours welcome.

The occurrence of the second tumor causes doctors to give him a year to live and he decided to leave the treatments and stay only with a diet created by him, where he eliminated all saturated fats.

The last time he started giving motivational talks and continuing to work to verify future TRX trainers, a training system based on exercising in suspension.

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