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Rene O'Ryan, the former lead instructor, died at the age of 53 TV and show

In the afternoon of this Saturday the news of the death of Rene O'Ryan, a remembered ex-instructor at the TVN reality show Water

Journalist Christian Pinno confirmed the information through his Twitter account. "While always Rene O'Ryan (QDEP) I'm happy to share some afternoon exercises, you can now rest in peace." Bravo Zulu, a friend, I was honored to meet you, "the professional wrote.

Recall that O'Shan was 53 years old and was diagnosed in June 2017 aggressive esophagus and liver cancer.

"When the first inconvenience started, I was at the best stage of my life coming from Europe with my wife and my son, leaving the inconveniences that were late, bad and never, and they gave themselves when they ate meat," commented last year in morning hours welcome.

According to what he said at that time, doctors told him he had oesophagitis, but he disagreed and asked for more help. "You need to learn to listen to the body, to understand your body. The body gives signals and my signals are heavy. Something was there that got stuck," he added.

So he asked for endoscopy. "There was a monster, because it was giant, covered a large part of the esophagus, and in the part that almost reached the stomach there was a mass that left a very small hole"he is connected.

The ex-mystery found that after some exams, specialists have informed him that it is stage 4 cancer. "The truth is that the shock lasted ten minutes in my case, because Renecito (her son) is approaching when we arrive at the house and she makes me an unusual pancake, but like apapachando, says "the father will do this," he said.

After hearing the news, Renee explored his alternatives and, in addition to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, he decided to follow the diet that contributes to the treatment, the elimination of meat, dairy products and sugar.

Despite efforts, the onset of the second tumor causes doctors to give him a year to live and he decided to stop treatment and stay with only a diet created by him, where he removed all saturated fats.

"I did not accept for some reason, I live eight months with chemotherapy. I just said," I will not poison, "because I studied, found out, I was researching and it would lead me to die in eight months, or at most for a year "said this morning in the morning of Chilivia.

"If you agree to follow that therapy, the maximum damage will take something very wonderful for the human body: the immune system (…) The solution lies in the diet," he added.

The accident will be covered this week on Sunday, December 30 Church of the Immaculate Conception, in Vitakura. The next day the mass will be held at 2:00 am and in the same place, where the last goodbye will be held.

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