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Renato Victory Pullover: Sexual Predator Turned Out

Catholic University Theologian, Marcela Aranda, the first whistleblower of the priest Renato Pobletconfirmed the presentation of lawsuit against those responsible for other violations suffered by itsuch as group rapes and abortions.

After participating in the creative activity of the Center for Investigation of Abuse and Early Trouble (CARE), the PCE and the Trust Foundation, Aranda referred to the results of the investigation against the Jesuits.

An investigation commissioned by the Jesus Society for Poblett's Abuse found among 22 confirmed victims four juveniles, including a three-year-old girl, whom the applicant believed was This "proves extremely that we are facing a sexual predator, Renato Poblett."

"It hurts a lot of people, not just the women they directly abused, but their whole family and, therefore, society as a whole. Any harm done to someone is harm done to society, "he said.

Poblett's victim admitted that he was "calm, calm despite seeing with his heart that other victims suffered."

"I am glad I had the courage to let me know what happened to me because I think it opened the door for other victims," ​​he said.

"It's hard to believe this phrase that no one saw anything here"

In connection with the complaint filed by Aranda, his lawyer Juan Pablo Thermosila He explained that they would launch "legal action against third parties affecting Marcella's rights, there were third parties directly involved in violating their rights and we will take action against them in a timely manner".

"I see a lot of negligence, I find it hard to believe this phrase that no one has seen anything here. I find it difficult, but my opinion here is not valid. It is important to investigate the Ministry of Public Works and show the results, "he said. .

Aranda too questions leaked details of Waldo Boon report, a lay lawyer leading the investigation, saying it was "problematic" as neither she nor the other victims knew these details and, he said, had access to them.

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