Monday , June 14 2021

Red Rueda could not with Costa Rica and desperately avoid the bigger role in Rancagua

The Roja had a fire test in the first home game in the Reinaldo Rueda eraWith a technician surrounded by criticism of his payroll and a team who, despite their results, did not find their game, the match played Friday at Rancagua with Costa Rica It was a good way to charm the demanding Chile national team fans.

After eight friendly matches played in 2018, Beyond Chile, now is the time for Red to face the audience with a clear mission add a victory that silences the whole criticism and that the tension that took place the week before the meeting would be released, where the turning point was the wrath of the Colombian coach during a press conference he presented on Thursday.

However, the level showed by the Chilean team at the stadium El Teniente de Rancagua was not good and despite the warm flashes of a good game, he showed very little for the first time in the sixth region and it Complicated in front of a physical Costa Rican teamThe defeat of the Reinaldo Rueda team began in 35 minutes, when Kendall Waston beat Enzo Roco and Sebastian Vegas to the height to get the headline who defeated Johnny & Herrera.

It was 1 to 0, with which they completed the first 45 minutes and this they allowed Red to abandon the result that surprised everyone. So, in the second half and with the departure of Junior Fernandes to enter Óscar Opazo, the selection was aimed at liveliness and something showed in the completion of a more orderly game. That to Waston reappeared to mark his double and 2 to 0 from Costa Ricaand then to 59 minutes, use the ball that was loose around to finish at the gate entrance.

The first goal that surprised everyone / image: Photosport The first goal that surprised everyone / image: Photosport

Red He did not even manage to shake off Ticos' second blow when he lamented again. Five minutes after 2 to 0, Ronald Matarrita He started from the left side of the attack, defeating Oscar Opazo at a fast pace and made a powerful shot to defeat Johnny & Herrera.

The 3 to 0 meant that Red was looking for a reaction to avoid this role and could disqualify Sebastian Las Vegas from playing after 70 minutes. Even in the ten finals he had the opportunity to make the defeat even more worthy Penal doubtful accused by Germán Delfino after a foul on Waston to Alexis Sánchez. The striker himself stopped before the ball and hit very similar to the auction that gave the title of Chile in Copa América 2015, but this time he met the resistance of Esteban Alvarado goalkeeper.

Thanks more desperate than in football, the team was looking for a discount that reached 89 minutes and which served as a rematch for Alexiswho got a pass from Medel, fought in the area and made a shot to score 3: 2, with which Costa Rica defeated Chile, which can not find a response to football, and has already received three goals in three of the nine Friendly games in which he played in 2018.

Now, on Tuesday, November 20, Red from Reinaldo Rueda will move to Temuco to face Honduraswhere they are forced to win to finish 2018 with a good image in front of their fans and face 2019 with high heads, where they will have to re-confirm the title of Copa América in Brazil.

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