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"Red medica is total habitatada": it is the best salad in the ministro

A summary of the preliminary conferences in the sectoral ministries shows that there are variations of data within the current situation. Fu allí, in the Palacio de La Moneda, beside the salon ministery, Jaime Mañalich's red salad is available for all todas.

"The functionality of the hospital and the toilets in the hospitals are in normal operation, but not all reunions with the directives of the hospitals or queries confirm that the habitat is more expensive than the cups", left autoridad.

Toma en hospitales

The ministro aseguró además que hubo intentos de tomarse los hospitales. "Quiero manifest me agradecimiento a los trabajadores de la red páblica y privada, but all the only help is 100 but ciento de gente quedó trabajando", aggregó.

Consider the compilation of the actual panorama, the authoritative también entre recomendaciones para the trabajadores de la salud. "The recommendation is that those persons who are subject to trabajos, the trabajadores are involved and involved in the situation."

sapu Agencia Uno

Lesionados fueron operados

Sobre las manifestaciones, Mañalich expresó que “no hay ninguna persona that is riesgo vital o lesionado. Los lesionados se han operando et evolution de form satisfactoria ”.

"The casino has more than 75% of the people who are sued by a single supermercado for the favorable evolution", dijo.

More information is available at the Padre Hurtado Hospital on how to treat a patient who is experiencing a permanent impact on the environment, in the maritime emergency department.

Atención a los heridos

The patient is 49 years old, a resident of La Pintana, and is one of 10 people who are interned in grave hospitals in the capital. Authorizing the patient's medical and family equipment to explicate the patient's situation and the patient's current situation in an ambulance helicopter at the Clinic Alemana.

There are currently no reports available that show that 32 of the patients were hospitalized with varying degrees of recurrence in the capital, 10 of them were being saved. Of the official figures, there are 208 people attending the meetings but distinting the level of the lesions.

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