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Ranking of the top 50 schools according to their PSU score

Total 264,629 people took the selection test at the University in 2018, those most often coming from subsidized private schools described in detail the Rector's Board in charge of the Single Receive System (SUA).

53 per cent of students who surrendered to the PSU came from subsidized schools, 34 per cent of municipal institutions, and 11 per cent of private individuals.

On the ranking of the 50 institutions with the best results The PSU is marked by the absence of subsidized private schools, in addition to the presence of only two municipal councils.

On Augusto School D & # 39; Halmar, the municipal formation of the municipality of Ñuñoa was one of the surprises this year, which was in third place at the national level after reaching 690.1 points average PSU, an unpublished result because this test was conducted in 2003 for a municipal school.

In general, 44,487 people (16.8 per cent) received more than 600 points and, on the contrary, 135,904 people (51.7 percent) scored less than 499 points.

Schools with the best result PSU

  1. Cambridge College (Providence – privately paid)
  2. Colegio Francisco Encina (Ñuñoa – privately paid)
  3. Liseo Augusto D'Halmar (Ñuñoa – Municipal)
  4. The Grange School (Queen – Private Paid)
  5. Constitutional College (Charter – separately paid)
  6. Alba International School (Maipú – Special Pagado)
  7. School of Tabankur (Vitakura – privately paid)
  8. School Acros (Ñuñoa – privately paid)
  9. Alborda School (Linares – privately paid)
  10. Mont Tabor and Nazareth College (Lo Barnechea – Private Paid)

This is the complete list, according to La Terrier:

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Regional maximum results:

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