Sunday , August 1 2021

Radiation in social networks due to improper positions of a music group with a woman in Puerto Mont National

The indignation caused in social networks is the behavior of the alleged members of the music group Los Quatreurs de Sur with a wife during a play in Puerto Montt.

The woman, known in the area as "Mary", is a faithful freak of the above group and her favorite song is "How the worm is killed", the one who danced at the top of the stage.

But what it was bothering was inadequate attitudes that the men who looked at the pictures had a woman.

For example, at the outset, one can see how that dancing lays on the floor, and one of the musicians is perceived on it, after which he takes it for the waist and simulates gestures of sexual connotation.

Later, he turns it another subject wraps her legs.

Then they stop it, they turn it around and when they leave it on the edge of the stage, the woman fell to the floor.

The video was shot in front of the audience that came to the show. In the registry you can hear it laughter from some present.

In Facebook Post you can read comments commenting on the fact.

"Ugly and ordinary", "I was embarrassed to see how Maria scored" and "I'm more funny than I think it is very bad taste" were part of the reactions of the video, which at the end of this edition accumulates more than 40 thousand reproductions.

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