Saturday , July 31 2021

Racism? The jokes to Malucco, especially CHV New Year that confused nets | TV and shows

In the celebration of the New Year, various channels organized special programs for the beginning of 2019. In this context, Chileans used the space of The night is ours to compile a huge party.

This is how Jean-Philip Creton, Felipe Vidal and Pamela Diaz were accompanied by various personalities such as Ivan Arenas, Don Carter, La Bobota, Alejandro Arriagada, Luli, Malucco, Willie Sabor, Sonora by Tommy Ray. Those who were also there were Laughter athletes who held an unpleasant moment.

When he was still seven minutes away from 12, Jean-Philippe began a speech to the Chileans, where he handed over the words of indigenous peoples and immigrants. That's where Pato's athletes took Maluko and made a gesture to take him out of the studio, while he said "I want to thank the immigrants."

While there was some laughter, Creton immediately said "Always With Love" and hugs the Brazilian, who used the opportunity to talk about those who were lately in the eye of a hurricane.

"I want to thank the Chileans for all the good vibration towards the immigrants, and that way of humanitarian assistance they have done for everyone." "Greetings to the Haitians and all the countries that have arrived", who is a vocalist at Café con Leche.

In the middle of his words, "Duck" interrupted again, took the microphone and started mocking his way of speaking. The moment was captured by the Twitter account Televisivamente, who did not hesitate to share this issue in question via social networks.

Immediately a whole debate was generated on Twitter, where most criticized the laughter of the athletes' athlete's article, so they did not hesitate to categorize the moment as a racist: "As an unbearable man. I would like to never go to TV again"; "Funny athletes have scoffed at foreigners for years, unbearable and immovable"; "It's clear that it's discriminatory, and what's happening on TV and in humor is not irrelevant. It's good that this time nobody celebrates stupidity"; "It's pretty reckless. The one who finds these things" hilarious "is just like the imbeciles," and "old humor and foam", were some of the reactions.

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