Saturday , June 12 2021

“Pure Crime”: 10 out of 74 arrested in violations yesterday have more than 140 previous crimes | nationally

As a “pure and grave crime”, Carabineros described most of 74 detained in incidents or crimes during the day of the protests yesterday Friday, nationwide.

There were 36 violent incidents, concentrated in the region of Tarapaca, Antofagasta, Valparaiso, Concepcion, Temuco, Porto Mont and Santiago.

Specifically, there were 74 detainees, 56 of them in the Metropolitan area, and 52 in downtown Santiago, most of them for robbery and two for launching incendiary bombs, “designed to cause serious damage to Carabineros.” pointed out the National Director of Order and Security, General Esteban Diaz.

One of the captives was caught firing a pneumatic weapon and carrying Molotov cocktails.

Of the total captured, 10 have more than 140 previous arrests for crimes such as robbery, theft and others. As many as 3 of them concentrate more than 43 crimes before. “It is a pure and simple crime.”Diaz emphasized.

“We apologize to the people in the center of Santiago, who were unfortunately injured by this gang of criminals who came to carry out destruction and attempted robbery. People who challenged people who wanted to keep working had to retire. “People who cause injury to people (…) if we have to stop them over and over again, we will do it.”

Interior Minister Rodrigo Delgado, for his part, said this was the largest number of arrests so far this year in violent situations, along with the fact that Carabinaros’ new protocols were yielding results.

“The protocols work and there is compatibility between the protocols and the detention of detainees. I emphasize it, because these arrests come with very large evidence. It is not that people stop because they pass or walk. “Everyone is accompanied by photos, drone monitoring,” Delgado said.

The interior minister said: “We will not rest until these people understand that it is not free to commit a crime. They are criminals who are not interested in pensions, they are not interested in health, they are not interested in education. All those people who freely and validly took to the streets for social purposes and important issues for the country, the vast majority believe that the state could channel these demands through agreements, democracy, plebiscite. Here “There are people who want to occupy the ‘umbrella’ of social demands to commit crimes.”.

“I witnessed the Carabinieri preventing looting and fires. “There was another strategy,” Delgado said.

On the occasion, evidence of items stolen during the robberies yesterday was displayed in the premises of OS9.

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