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Public sector workers are calling for a national strike this Monday to adjust wages «Diario y Radio U Chile

"It is legitimate for every public sector worker to strive for great adjustment, but we do everything best," said Labor Minister Nicholas Monkkeberg.

Sunday, November 25, 2018 16:07

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At the last meeting of the week with the government, no agreement was reached. In this context, the representatives of Public Sector Bureau confirmed unrestricted stall from tomorrow, Monday, November 26th.

"We will begin this process of unemployment on Monday, with a group of organizations we will assess the steps that we will take and I want to show the government and the two ministers (finances and labor) that they are not mistaken, that the organizations are willing to agreement, but the one that needs to go forward is the government ", said ANEF President Carlos Insonza.

Although in the last appointment both sides have lowered their expectations, the figures for Wage rebalance still has a clear distance. The position of the workers remains at 7 percentage points, and 2.9 offered by the Executive climbed to 3.1%, which is still considered insufficient floor by the officials. As indicated, it remains at the level of inflation and only corresponds to a real increase of 0.2% against the CPI, on average close to 1,200 pesos.

Another factor that concerns workers is the absence of ministers at the six meetings. For this reason, they hope the next Monday will be present to advance the deal before considering the project in Congress.

The strike is a measure of pressure, while talks with the government continue, union leaders have said. Monday's meeting will be held at 6:30 am.


"It is legitimate for every public sector worker to pursue a major adjustment, but we do everything best" said Labor and Social Policy Minister Nicholas Monkberg. He added that the spirit of the agreement should prevail.

Listen to Monkberg's statements here.

Several unions have confirmed their support for mobilization.

Workers of the National Board of Kindergartens (JUNI), grouped in AUNY National, adhere to the National Steam call for this Monday.

In a public statement, they assured that "the ICJ rejected and considered the insufficient final offer of 3.1%, made by the executive director at the last meeting for general adjustment. At the same time, he strongly criticized the ministers of finance and labor and social security, Felipe Laraine and Nicolas Monkberg, do not attend the recent meetings, leaving the space very limited for discussion. "

In addition, 15 trade union organizations say that this protest day is to give a signal to the government to meet the demands of all state workers in economic, labor and social affairs.

From AJUNJI they made "a call to the community not to send children to kindergartens on the network JUNI on November 26. However, they announced that ethical changes will be made in special and emergencies that were previously coordinated in the respective kindergartens. "

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