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PUBG Mobile is equal to Fortnite

The mobile version of Battleuns, PUBG Mobile, has reached 200 million players, According to the company's sources, they assured The Verge this week. In addition, the number of daily active users oscillates about thirty million.

These numbers are particularly interesting because the latest known data for Fortnite Battle Royale – PUBG's main competitor for the market battle royalthey were also targeted at several hundred million users.

Although this figure dates back to the end of November, it does not seem likely that it has increased significantly in these weeks.

The figures on the edge, as they explain, will exclude data from China -When PUBG is incredibly popular, but it can face the ban – and copies sold for PC or video game consoles, that the same medium puts over 50 million.

PUBG was an excellent phenomenon in the world of online multiplayer video games in 2017 and popularizes the genre battle royal. Although with the departure of Fortnite – which offered a more ordinary design and is free to play– PUBG data fell and reached the worst data for several months in terms of active users in Steam last September, developers continue to bet on the game and add new improvements.

The latest great news, besides the arrival of the PlayStation 4, is the departure of the Taisi Card, which simultaneously appears on computer servers and mobile devices – like iOS and Android.

In any case, the good numbers that PUBG Mobile handles makes the title very alive fuels competition for the market battle royal, the fashion genre and the great phenomenon in the world of games over the last two years. To the already mentioned PUBG and Fortnite, other major sagas are added as Call of Duty, Counter-Strike or, in the coming months, Battlefield.

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