Sunday , April 18 2021

PS5 will not go on sale before April 2020

Since Sony has revealed the first details of the PS5 features, one of the doubts that has caused the biggest excitement is that of when it goes on sale for what will be the new console of the company the next generation.

At that time he warned it there will be no sign of it during this 2019 year, so as not to arrive at the earliest until 2020. Now, in addition to offering the financial results it has received during the last quarter of the previous fiscal year, Sony has rejected this PlayStation 5 will not arrive before April 2020.

This means that the console will be released in April at the earliest, or you can even go by the end of next year or by 2021. It's still early to know, but at least we already have an estimated date to wait as little.

In addition, Sony has indicated its intention to reach it invests 31,100 million RMB to develop PS5, which is about 250 million euros. We will remain cautious about all the news about the PlayStation 4 successor, especially with the desire to know when it will be officially presented.

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