Friday , May 14 2021

Protest at Karabineros School: The orchestra interprets "Arauco has a sad" during office

At the end of the concert with the music of Gaetano Donizetti, the Student Orchestra of the University of Chile sang the theme of Violeta Para as a protest for the death of Camilo Katrilanka.

It happened last Tuesday in the Chilean Karabineros School located in Providence. At the end of the opera interpretation Elixir of Love, the Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti, the Student Orchestra of the University of Chile, dropped the instructions of his director, teacher Eduardo Brown: "This is not a policy scenario."

"Precisely because we are artists, we have to express ourselves," says cello Marcello Mella, who participated in the group's protest.

"It was a phase to do something peaceful and reasonable," he adds.

The student of the interpretation says that the orchestra has agreed to play "Arauco is sad" after the presentation was completed during the last post, but that its director did not agree.

"Even the choirs, behind the scenes, were threatened not to participate."

"The brave thing is that he played at Karabineros Theater in Chile, within the same school" Karabineros. "I am very proud of the symbolic and powerful of our act, it was a huge milestone!" Said Mela.

In the registry from almost two minutes published by FECh, you can see musicians following Violeta Para's melody without her orchestral conductor.

According to Mela: "When the concert is over and we agree to make the song, we are discussing with the director who is doing everything that is impressive for the people. He told us that we have finished, that we can no longer play."

Then she goes on to say: "Although there was a discussion with some carabinieri behind the scenes, as all people began to record for the symbolism of the moment, the audience applauded. It was definitely time and place to say something."

"Many artistic changes or historical processes have been initiated, and we hope this is one," he adds.

* Photos: Matthias Martinez R.

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