Wednesday , May 12 2021

Protest against "rich and their crumbs"

At the beginning of the barricades on Thursday, 17 points were recorded in Santiago, seeking housing solutions and justice for the death of the member of the Mapuche community Camilo Catrillanca.

Mobilizations, called by various social movements, They started around 7 am in Vickunya Makena with Rodrigo de Araja, to the border between Makul, San Joaquin and Ñuñoa. According to the pamphlets that remained on the spot from the Lautaro Youth Movement, demonstrations were held against the "rich and their crumbs".

One of the most complicated situations was noticed at the circle in Greece, where some protesters hung on a catwalk, traffic was interrupted and GOP personnel were supposed to intervene.

After a few minutes, they also started barricades in Vesucio with Eduardo Castillo Velasco.

Also, in Departamental with Vickyna McKenna three people also tried to hang on a catwalk, detained by Carabineros before achieving his purpose.

About 9:00 am, the situation was controlled by the uniformed police and several detainees are registered.

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