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Prosecutor to formalize ENAP directors for pollution in Talcahuanu and Quintero

At Biobio Regional Prosecutor Demands Six Officers of the National Petroleum Company (ENAP) and Commercial Maritime Captain for Pollution Episodes Recorded in Talcahuana and Quintero in August 2018.

In a complaint filed this Friday by prosecutor Marcela Carthagina, she is charged Edmundo Piragno, Alvaro Hilearns, Patricia Caballi, Juan Pablo Rhodes, Jorge Farias, Carlos Lizana and Joseph Joseph Darlington Flores.

"The prosecution will formalize the investigation of the crimes provided for in Article 291 of the Criminal Code, which establishes that they improperly reproduce organisms, products, elements or chemicals, viruses, bacteriological, radioactive agents, or by any other order which by its nature may endanger the health of animals or plants or the supply of population, they will be sentenced to a maximum of juvenile imprisonment"They said.

The decision to unite both investigations is because "the element that led to the episodes of contamination entered the country in Talcahuanu, and then some of the product was shipped to Quintero. "

"Until now, 140 statements have been taken from people, as witnesses and as defendants. Two entry, registration and seizure warrants were made in criminal interest dependencies, duly authorized by the courts. In addition, some thirty warrants have been issued for investigations, expert reports and instructions to the police, as well as requests for information to specific entities, "they said.

Prosecutor Cartagena he ruled that this decision was due to the "pressures" of the participants and noted that it was due to the natural progress of the process.

"The findings of the investigation so far have led the persecuting body to conclude that the crimes committed in both Talcahuanu and Quintero began to be committed in this commune in August last year and therefore it is understood that they must be formalized in the Court of Guarantee of Talcahuanu. " pointed out the pursuer.

ENAP response

In a brief statement, ENEP said this they maintain and reiterate their "conviction that their processes are carried out properly and have no responsibility in the episodes of Talcahuanu and Quintero. We have full confidence that this will be merited in the investigation. "

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