Saturday , May 8 2021

[Presentación] Discover Gris, Great Indie Studio at Barbados Nomada Studio –

Next December 13 leaves simultaneously a computer and a Nintendo Switch Gray, is the new game created by Spanish Adrian Cuevas, Roger Mendoza and Conrad Rosets through the studio at the Nodda Studio in Barcelona.

What is gray?

The story is played by a girl who lived in a traumatic experience, she lost her voice and her way of seeing the world collapsed. The game encourages us to go through this inner representation, looking for the return of the voice and unblocking the colors while the elements are tied together and take you to understand the events with intensity, during that whirlwind of feelings being developed, a fluid, delicate way and scenes of dialogues.

Adrián Cuevas, Roger Mendoza and Conrad Roset make this extraordinary audiovisual experience, where the visual and auditory part carries full responsibility for conveying narrative inventiveness, without relying on any type of text or voice.

Conrad Rosetta described his participation as a very positive experience: "I loved it, I created your world, its atmosphere and people can bring it." During the event, several original illustrations were displayed in the gallery, and they discussed a bit about the creation process. This was comprised of the stage of the script, the character design, the color tests and more than 400 drawings; for those who are interested, they hope to publish artwork of the game.

As for the game, it's very intuitive. The title tries to involve, attract, and be appealing to those who are not so familiar with the world of video games.

No dialogues, but with a very impressive visual part. As an illustrator, when talking about the visual part, I find myself obliged to begin to describe it as impressive. It is a world incredibly indoors from the artist, with surrealistic and at the same time minimalist scenarios, cold, warm environments, where watercolors notice his extraordinary work, accompanied by a very involved soundtrack (Berlinist). This combination of elements means you do not want to miss the smallest details of the journey. It should also be noted that Rosetta has drawn illustrations of the game.

Art leads to art

When I found myself in the installations of the art gallery Espacio Solo, surrounded by incredible works of contemporary art, I immediately realized that they could not choose the appropriate place to present this title. Contemporary art through his works reflects current society, and on the basis of this premise, I think that this is the right way to consider the birth of this game, mixing a traditional technique with so many trips as watercolors with new technologies; In addition to being the birth of a new studio in Spain and even about what's new, they are so well received by the Nintendo Switch today.

There is nothing but be careful and to support this initiative for games called Gris, which emphasizes the art and culture involved in the project, the girl who falls in love and will release you a little with your watercolors and colors.

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