Monday , June 14 2021

"Power Games" debuts with great melody and praise in social networks

The night of this Monday, Mega introduced the first chapter "Power games", a nightly television series that debuted with a great melody after the completion of her other production "House of Dolls".

The new night is acting Alvaro Rudolphi and Jorge Zabaletaand scored an average line of 24.3 points, between 22:56 and 23:45, with top 30 points.

They were back Chilean with 10.8 points, Channel 13 with 9.9 and TVN with 7.4.

The end of the "House of dolls", which averaged 27.7 points, gave way to the first chapter of "Power Games", which presents the story of presidential candidate Mariano Beltran (Rudolfi) and prosecutor Anibal Ramos (Zabaleta), who is investigating the outrage that results in the death of a son to a politician.

During the broadcast of the episode, the viewers praised scenes such as Soledad Onet's fatal fury and "kameo", but the majority He compared the story to the case of Martin Laraine, the son of former Senator Carlos Laraine, who was released from a fatal injury.

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