Monday , May 17 2021

Polo de Fernanda Maciel admits a radical decision: "I will not even warn" – National

Polo de Fernanda Maciel admits a radical decision:

Louis Pettersen was visibly upset with the lawyer of the girl's family, whom he accused of trying to "figure out". Tvn


Studies continue to require more information on the disappearance of Fernanda Matsiel, the young man who has spent more than nine months has disappeared, and in that case there is still no clarity about the possible responsible ones.

Louis Pettersen, polled the aforementioned, commented until the morning Very good TVN days that the whole process is "tired and loaded" because, as he said, he is accused of situations in which he is innocent.

"That they do the skills they need to do, but it scares me that the lawyer of her family treats me as a liar", said Pettersen.

He added that the "mental fatigue" produced by this issue decided to make a radical decision.

"I will leave Chile at any time, at least known time, I will not warn you", noted Pettersen, who said that this act should not be taken as "escape," because I also need healing. "


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