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Pokemon Go: Luigi and Ho-O will appear for research achievements

Pokemon Go He made an important announcement for all his coaches: in the beginning of 2019, players will be able to find iconic legendary pokemon, if they have enough research achievements.

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According to the official bill of the Twitter application, "@PokemonGoApp", during January and February it will be possible to find many legendary shrouds, among them Lugia and Ho-Oh, some of the most beloved by the followers of the industry.

"The year 2019 is just around the corner, and it already looks legendary! When you reach a research breakthrough in January and February, you will have the opportunity to meet several legendary Pokémonies, including Lugia and Ho-Oh"says the account.

It should be remembered that coaches already had the opportunity to cope with these bowls before, however, this was part of special event with a time limit.

In addition to this important publication, the same Pokemova Goa account updated the details of the next "Community Day" Pokemon Go"where the main character of the event will be Total, water type.

"It's time to start the new year with greeting, coaches! The next month on #PokemonGOCommunityDay will be held during the second weekend of January, With Pokemon Tonodil water! "He wrote an account.

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