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PlayStation Classic and its sudden reduction, discount or failure?

Released in mid-September, Sony surprised (and at that time did not) present a mini-preview of its mythical first console that followed the awakening initiated by NES Mini a few years ago. By itself, it was a winning bet, while we talked about a mini review of the real icon of the video games sector.

But the final result left something to be desired, confirmed the fact that today a discount was officially announced and we can find it in stores like the game chain at 59.90 euros – in fact on Amazon it's 57.99 €– a price that comes close to the NES and the Super Nintendo Mini. A discount of almost 50% of 99.99 euros worth of his premiere, which was also 23 days ago. That is: in just three weeks on sale, the PlayStation Classic has become almost half.

Non-proprietary emulation, without duplication, without 60 hertz

An inexplicable decision, instead of creating a system of its own imitations, Sony preferred to choose based on PCSX ReARMED with Retroarch, an open source emulator that is not official, and therefore some problems in loading textures and sound. Another element that alienates many buyers is the absurd decision do not use in Spain PAL locations in prime minister's games in our country At that time And so, some like the original Metal Gear Solid are losing miraculous copying in Castilian, while others like Final Fantasy VII come directly with English texts, although the game is localized – yes, not very good, but it is – to Castilian

For those who do not know, in Europe (and also in Australia) we suffered a curse PAL version in games of 5 and 6 generation, that although he offered us more resolution than the American NTSC – PAL was 576i compared to 480i by NTSC- at the same time the refresh rate or hertz was 17% slower. That is: the games were 17% slower than one market to another. And in the case of the PlayStation Classic, Sony itself confirmed that it includes 9 titles in the PAL version of 50 Hz, while the other 11 are NTSC:

The Eurogamer site and its exhaustive digital foundry have put these games on the test to see if PAL performance has a refresh rate again. And the problem is that this was the case. Jumping Flash, 23 years ago innovative FP platforms, runs at 25 frames instead of 40 fps from its original version. And Tekken 3, the 3D power struggle, lower than 30 fps to 25 frames. Yes, it seems to be a small figure, but that's another example of how the PlayStation Classic project seems to be gesturing with a rush, rather than taking care of it, because in mid-2018 it's unthinkable to watch games of 4 generations that do not even reach the highest rate. High 20 years ago when they left.

Weak catalog and excessive price

The PlayStation was premiered in 1994 and history (together with Saturn) brought the first generation of 3D graphics. Suddenly the video became a teenager, and under his control masterpieces were released and created genres – Survival Horror, the fight in 3D. But although the list of 20 titles that the PlayStation Classic brings to memory, there are real masterpieces Resident Evil, Tekken 3, Ridge Racer Type 4, FF VII or MGS, there are also absurd additions such as Rainbow Six instead of the Medal of Honor icon, and absent as Quiet hill or Rider's grave. In fact, we are no longer talking about third parties, but even many loud absences from its own Sony catalog as Gran Turismo, Crash Bandicoot or WipeOut to name only three.

And the price, above both Nintendo Mini reviews, did not help either. 100 euros with a good catalog of games would be high, although this could be a well-worn product. But since the PlayStation Classic came with that choice, without improvement, non-proprietary emulation, commands without stick or vibration without even original Spanish texts on many of them, etc., In the end it's a failure in sales, The reason for this is lowered in price today. Will you sell it better at the new price? Will we see PS2 Mini in 2019?

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