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Pinocchio Pinera: Those who claim that non-democratic governments do not fit Chile to Vimos | National

The morning of this Wednesday, the president Sebastián Piñera He assured that those who claim that undemocratic governments or support violations and human rights abuses have no place in their community.

"Chile Vamos has a declaration of principles and a clear commitment to democracy and the defense of human rights. Those who do not believe in democracy or do not believe in unlimited respect for human rights have no space in Chile. "said the president in Welcome.

"Pinochet is part of the history of Chile, all Chileans have an opinion on Pinochet, I have my own. But let's continue to argue about it … I do not care much about what happened in the last 40 years, for me I care much more about what will happen in the next 40 ", he stressed.

"Chile I define you Chile as a coalition that is much more concerned about being the builder of the future than a guardian of the past," the country's head explained.

In this direction, and on the basis of the controversy Statements by Deputy Camilla Flores (PHO) who proclaimed Pinochet at a fun event and called on those who listened to her not to hide, the governor stressed that it is not surprising that the dictator still creates sympathy.

"She says she is Pinochet. Let's say things like that, many Chileans were pinoheists. In fact, in the plebiscite of 88 he won 43% (of the vote). Many of those people who were Pinochet today are part of Chile's Vimos, but with one condition, "he said.

"With a full and absolute commitment to democracy, with respect for human rights and with certain essential values, "Pingera said.

Before the panel's question about the statements of some pro-government officials, such as the Eupolles, where they admitted that they believed that everything had a limit, the president said he felt much closer to the common one in Chile. Let's go with those dissident voices.

"But it seems simple." In Chile, there was a significant percentage of people who supported the military government, many of them now in Chile. To support military power, I feel that it is not a sin or a crime ", condemned the head of state.

"Obviously during the Pinochet government, serious, repeated, cruel abuses of human rights have been committed, which must always be condemned, because there is no justification," he began.

"But I want to be clear (…). I believe that Chile's Vimos has a limit, no one who is not committed to democracy or respect for human rights should be in Chile's Vimos," Pingera said.


As for the project that attempts to illuminate prison sentences for those who deny violations committed in Pinochet's regime, Pinera was rather critical, given that does not understand how the legal body will be applied.

"This law aims to punish those who relativize or justify, deny abuses (…). But, which determines which thoughts are forbidden? Asked the president.

"And who relativises or denies human rights abuses in Cuba, will we capture a prisoner?" He asked.

"How can you punish the thought?" He wondered again. "I think that during the military government serious, repeated, crude violations of DDDH were committed, and this was the main reason why I always opposed the military government since the first day."

"But to close the face, because there may be another opinion? Maybe he thinks things were going differently, "he said.

"Now, if one acts to attack democracy (…), of course, the weight of the law must fall," he concluded.

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