Friday , April 16 2021

PHOTO | Level of God! Marcos Boadados will occupy the Dragon Ball skulls for the Chilean championship against Porto Mont. | Dale Albbo

Colo Colo is waiting for the matches against Porto Mont for the first phase of Copa Chile and although there are many casualties, Mario Salas also recovered other elements.

One of them is Balados frame, who recovered from a meniscus tear and already appeared before the Italian show for a few minutes with a nice center for Gabriel Costa in the third goal.

But the anthophagous wants to increase its sizes and, therefore, the level of its performances. For this reason, it was ordered to be adjusted booties with the image of Goku and Vegeta in the Dragon Ball Super, the latest installment of the Japanese animation series.

It's not the first Colo Colo that does it, because Pablo Mushe used some of the shoes with the image of the Incredibles before Audax in honor of his son. They look good, do not you?

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