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Persona 5 The animation will have a new special in March

Persona 5 The animation will have a new special in March

31 DEC 2018 / Anime

After the release of the first special, Persona 5 Animation: Dark Sun, a new edition called Stars and Nash was published.

On the night of December 30, Aniplex exhibited the first special Persona 5 Animation: Dark sun, and immediately after the end of that special chain announced it The new special will be released in March.

The new special call Person 5 of animation: stars and ours it will be the second of the two planned special anime and, although three months are missing for his release, There is already a download.

According to the description offered by Face 5 of the animation, this is a synopsis of Stars and Ours:

"The politician who was the main organizer behind all the cases was successfully reformed by Phantom thieves. However, the reaction of the public was not as expected. In order to eliminate the distortion of the world and to carry out the justice that he believes, Rehn is progressing to the last battle along with the Phantom Thieves of Thieves. "

In addition, before the official announcement, some photos of what this special will be circulating over the Internet.

It was finally announced that until the new beginning of the anime on 29 May will be included a new episode that was not released.

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