Tuesday , August 3 2021

PDP captures in Ersila: Angol guarantor court issues arrest warrant to engage in Lonko crime

An Angol investigative police (PDP) arrested two members of the community who will be implicated in Lonko's crime, Yua de Dios Mendoza Lebu, in an incident that occurred in the Pilar community in Ersila on the night of December 31st past

According to what happened, the arrest warrant against two men was enacted by the Angolan Guarantee Court after the local prosecutor's office submitted the relevant petition after collecting a series of case-related information, which included interviews with neighbors and locals , according to Radio Bio Bio.

In this way, PDP employees visited the community in which Lonko lived, where he managed to find out where those involved in the killing were, which, apparently, has its origin in the previous quarrels between the victim and his victims.

Now, the two detainees will be made available to the Angol Guarantee Court, where it is expected that the prosecution will formalize the crime of murder, demanding additional preventive detention of members of the community.

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