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Parents find that one girl has cancer thanks to the photo

The girl's father took a picture of him in which she could see the child fully sleep on the swing

Dave Fletcher, 39, thought that a nice moment was captured when he photographed Isie's daughter, who slept in the park when she was 23 months old.

But just weeks later, Dave and his wife, Vicky, (37) found that their daughter's fatigue proved to be a sign of I had leukemia.

The girl, three years, has since received 570 doses of chemotherapy and received maintenance therapy, in an effort to stop the return of cancer.

Dave said he had not thought about anything at the beginning when he saw Izzie sleeping in a park near her house in Clens, Worcester, England.

Now he warns the other parents to be cautious about the first signs.

Dave said that afternoon he left the girl on one of the playgrounds, took the picture, but shortly after the girl fell, because she was very sleepy.

"But I did not think much about that. I thought it was a nice moment and I simply took a picture of him. It was only after we realized that everything was part of the symptoms and that what I captured was that she showed signs of something dangerous"

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Then the parents took care that the girl had colds, viruses and that she was fatigued, even though she did not do much activity. They also found bruises on the girl's legs, but were attributed to normal games.

The couple took Izzi a doctor for the first time in January last year, after a strange rash appeared on her leg.

The next morning, Izzy's burns spread, and then a fever developed, and her parents took her to the Royal Hospital Wooster.

He was diagnosed with leukemia the same day and started chemotherapy therapy next week.

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"When she was diagnosed, she got out of nowhere. We both were in real shock, because it happened so fast was a terrible moment," said the father.

Jane Redman, a UK research and research college researcher at Worcester, said: "Cancer can have a catastrophic impact on their lives, and many of those who survive can live with serious long-term side effects of their treatment ".

Izzi continues in treatment.

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