Thursday , April 22 2021

Paredes revealed that people already know when he wants to break the record: "They ask me to be against U" | Dale Albbo

Esteban Paredes He scored a penalty for Huachipato and thus scored 212 goals in the First Division, only three of Francisco Chamako Valdes.

The theme is already inevitable for the touch, but the Colo Colo idol remains calm. "I am extremely calm. Obviously, the record is in the head, even more so if the press speaks almost every day about it, but it is normal to talk a lot about this, because many years have gone without someone being able to pass it, "he told Al Aire Libre in Cooperative

"I use it in a good way, very calmly, waiting for more for a moment. First of all, the team is the first and if the winning team helps me to achieve the record much faster. I am very well dealing with anxiety, "he added.

Of course, and to close, he admitted that fans already have a favorite moment for that to happen. "Many people ask me on the street to break the record against U, but as I said, I am extremely calm waiting for the matches to pass much better and in that way I will be able to help the team and then break the record, "he concludes.

The series against Palestine, the Union of La Calera and Palestine, remain for the match against the blue. If he made one goal after a match, scoring another in the classics he would do it. Will you be given it?

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