Friday , May 7 2021

Pancho Saavedra's response to filtering the Civic Unions Treaty

When Rakel Arghandona said on her radio program Agricultural Radio "Sin Limits" that Francisco Saavedra signed the Union of Civil Union Agreements with his boyfriend in Osorno, probably did not expect his words to interfere with the face of Channel 13.

"I do news for my work, not for my private life, it's something that is not sold … There is God watching. In addition, there is karma, and when someone throws poison through his mouth, life is responsible for giving most hurts, "writes the driver of" Lugares que hablar "on Twitter.

This, after some fans commented on the news and assessed whether what Argandonya published had some sunny motives, although he did it with a cheery tone.

What happened on Twitter was so. The image is from, because the animator deleted its answer:

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