Sunday , May 16 2021

Painted jewelry in the Paris store of Alto Las Condes

The attack affected the night this week sector of jewelry from the store of the shopping center Alto Las Condes.

The event was recorded around 9:00 am, when at least six objects, with a covered face, entered the combo and hammer rooms.

They smashed the glass boxes and stole at least 200 hours.

Lieutenant colonel Caesar Tapia, from the Andes Karabineros prefecture, explains that "there are about four to six people, according to the witness who was the victim of this fact, leading violent elements".

"These people continue to smash the cabinets with watches of different brands, and these people also went with a fire extinguisher that was operated after they were in the store," he added.

Delinquents fled later in two vehicles, leaving one of the overcame cars in Kennedy avenue, eastward.

In their flight, criminals launched "miguelitos" in the sector to avoid being persecuted.

Mayor Lavin: "You can say it's a band specializing in watches"

Security cameras are still under review and the inventory is done, but the mayor of Las Condes, Joaquin Lavin, came to the site and said that "60 million pesos were stolen in clocks" and pointed to "the same specialized band".

"You can say it's a band specializing in watches, that's for sure." The operandi model is almost equal to the robbery that occurred in Apumanque on November 19 and another robbery that occurred in Providencia on watches for the same date. There is no doubt that it is the same band and there is a suspicion that one of the band could come in the afternoon to watch, "said the head of the village.

The fact left no injuries and this happened at a time when there were clients in the premises who escaped from the premises.

Users in social networks posted footage during the attack.

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