Tuesday , August 3 2021

Pachuca confirms that Colo Colo is looking for Edson Puig and that the former elected wants to return to Chile

According to the vice president of Tuzos, the owner of the player's letter, and the consultations for Iquique and Kasice and other clubs.

Colo Colo needs reinforcement of half a judge, according to his DT, Mario Salas and his sports manager Marcello Espina. Juan Carlos Gaetti arrived, but three or four still missing.

And one of the names in the folder is Edson Puig, which have already been speculated and are now confirming that there has already been consultations.

"There is interest in Colo Colo, U and UZ for him. Also from Toluca", has been ratified by Pachuca's vice president, owner of the club from his letter, Andres Fassi to El Mercurio.

"The three clubs in Chile have already contacted us, but there is no one nearer. We will sit down and analyze the conditions of each one, "he deepened.

Of course, he stressed that "There is no possibility that Puch will go on loan," he said, "if he leaves, it will be for sale." An important investment was made for him, in 2017, when we bought him from Necax for nearly $ 4 million ", although he is also aware that "conditions have changed." Puig has played two seasons at a good level with us, but it's not the same to hire a 29-year-old footballer as a 32-year-old footballer.

In passing, he confirmed that Iquiqueño's intention was to take a quote from here. "Perhaps the best offer we received is from Toluca, but he wants to return to Chile", he said.

Finally, Fassi said there could be some formulas to reach an agreement. "It can be an economic transaction, there may be players involved. We are open to analyzing bids," concluded.

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