Monday , August 2 2021

Pachter considers the mistake that Sony lacks E3 2019

One of the most important news since 2018 was that Sony decided to stay out of E3 2019. This gave a lot of talk, so it is not surprising that Michael Wedderman, a Wedbush Inudstries analyst, has an opinion on it. According to the analyst, it is a mistake by Sony.

In a recent interview with Bolt for gamesPachter was questioned about Sony's decision to miss E3 2019. According to the analyst, this is a bad choice because he sees the event as a good investment in advertising. He also noted that at some point they will return to E3.

"I think that's something of an occasion I think they made a bad decision I think at some point they found that they are not well spent money and they are fine I do not know how much they spend on E3 but even if they are 15 million dollars, they receive $ 15 million for advertising, so I think they're dumb to let it go. And they will come back, "he said.

But if it's a good investment in advertising, why did Sony get off the E3 train? According to Pachter, it is likely that the company has nothing to show or at least be prepared to launch a console of the next generation.

"They're likely to announce their console of the next generation in the spring of 2020 and will have their own event. Perhaps they call it PSX. Perhaps they have a PSX in December 2019 and there they will publish their console for the next generation," the analyst said.

Later, Patcher talked about the controversial Sony conference in E3 2018. His words show that he did not like what Sony had prepared for this year's conference: "They had that stupid walk that nobody understood and it was not fun. I think they probably spent and they are people who do not recognize that they are right, so they take the ball and go home after it does not work. "

And you, what do you think about Pukter's words? Do you think I'm right? Tell us in the comments.

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