Wednesday , April 21 2021

Pablo Zalaquett recalled how shocking it was when Kramer mimicked him

The imitation of Stefan Kramer by Pablo Zalackett was a classic at the time, especially for the soundtrack "iii"What did the comedian do?" But, for the main alluded, exoteric, when called to face face to face with double, it was a collapse.

In the morning interview, "Welcome," Zalaepet remembered how bad it was when Kramer went out to imitate him in the "Hawk and Chameleon" program and was a guest.

"I was in the dressing room, nervous, and what no one told me, and where I felt betrayed, is that Stephen will be with me. When I see him from me, I broke up, became cloudy, became cold and persuasive. I went black. I did not know where he was. I did not know where to go. If you ask me what you are talking about today, I do not remember anything. It was one of the most shocking moments I lived on television, "he said.

What the former mayor of Santiago most lamented was that he ended up as a subject of ridicule, despite having great recognition. "I've come to a place that is a bit of a cheap currency, and when you have a boy who constantly smiles at you, I was most overwhelmed by imitation in the public, concluded.

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