Tuesday , September 21 2021

Overview of the 4th generation iPad Air

At this point, describing what an iPad is makes sense. The Apple tablet has earned its place in many homes as an entertainment center, for both the largest and the smallest. Of course, a very large price gap was created between the most basic and professional versions. Fortunately for all, the new iPad Air is the perfect connection between the two worlds.

The fourth generation of this device has completely renewed its appearance, getting very close to the Pro versions. These innovations are not only in aesthetics, because it also includes new entrails for a step further in its power. All this makes it a highly recommended option when choosing a multimedia device.

Let’s go with the review!

New design, new hoses

The new iPad Air has completely changed its appearance compared to the previous generation, making room for a much more square style at its edges and achieving a screen that covers almost the entire front. In short, it looks very similar to the iPad Pro, and perhaps the only differences in appearance will be the rear camera modules.

The overall design looks very modern and in line with 2020. I read somewhere that these edges still looked very thick, but in my opinion they are the perfect size. Recall that in the case of tablets, more space is occupied at the time of taking with both hands, so if they were thinner, it would be a mess of unintentional touches.

The speakers are on the iPad sideAnd although they do not have the special mounting technology introduced by the iPad Pro, it is very difficult to completely cover them when held with one or two hands. Also on the side we will find a Touch ID reader on the power button. This works very well, although my only recommendation is to keep your fingers on both hands, as we will not always have it in the same position.

For the rest, to say the least, but for the better. 4th generation iPad Air it is very good engineering and feels very well built, as a piece of aluminum, with considerable weight, but not uncomfortable and about 11 inches – in my opinion – exactly for this type of device. If what you are looking for is something that feels “premium”, then go for it. along the indicated path.

Ah yes, I do not forget: now has USB-C, so we can go with a charger for practically everything except the iPhone. It also has a magnet top so we can attach our Apple Pencil in case we bought it. And finally, on the back, there are a few magnetic pins for connecting accessories, such as the Magic Keyboard, for example.

I do not want to compare with the iPad Pro from this review, but since we are in these cases, it is necessary to emphasize that here we find Apple’s latest processor: A14 Bionic. On paper, it is the best processor we can find for a mobile device and, well, in practice.

Multimedia center for all ages

The first day with iPad Air, I started consuming a lot of YouTube content on it, almost by inertia. After a few days I wondered what it was about and the answer was pretty obvious: his screen. We found IPS panel with a resolution of 2360 x 1640 pixels in 10.9 inches it really looks spectacular. Undoubtedly, Apple graduates with honors by calibrating these panels and increases expectations to see an OLED panel of this size in future generations.

Although we do not see the 120Hz panel we see in the iPad Pro, I think for ordinary people this will not be a problem. Without a doubt, those who will notice the difference will be those who are looking for a professional level device or those who have some optimized games for this refresh rate.

Second, there are speakers that stand out from any other tablet in this price segment. Its stereo sound is fully compatible when watching content on YouTube or Netflix, for example. At one point I became a little more critical and discovered that basses do not sound that powerful, but I think it does because the rest sounds so good that I was looking for a lot more than I should have.

In general, the device fills all the fields to be a multimedia center for the whole family, which is totally intuitive for adults and children. In fact, it made me use it on my computer – or many times on TV – for reasons I had yet to discover. As I say, this is well designed and thought out ahead.

Everything flows to the sound of the iPadOS 14

Although there is still room for improvement, iPadOS works like a charm. Apple’s own hardware and software optimization reaches a much higher level than its competition. The gestures that iOS has popularized work in a totally intuitive way and you need – literally – 10 seconds to get used to it. There are still some aesthetic details in some updates, but I imagine they will be resolved in a few weeks.

The iPad Air is moving step by step to officially apply as a replacement for your computer, and therefore we now have support for connecting a mouse to Bluetooth and a keyboard, dramatically increasing the productivity of this device. Imagine that I could even start handling light spreadsheets in Excel. Experience I will clarify this experience in a separate article in the coming weeks, but I want to make it clear Leaving a notebook at home for everyday tasks no longer seems such a distant idea.

Oh yes, wait, I have a review. I missed the main iPad space optimization apps a bit more. To the well-known case of Instagram, a few apps are added that only extend the content we see on iOS. Come on guys, there’s a lot of room here.

The clearest example of how the device can handle is that this whole review was written on the same iPad Air with the Magic Keyboard and placed me even more than writing it on my desktop or notebook. Along with this, manage my mail, surf, watch YouTube and much more. I believe that the only thing i really missed is being able to use whatsapp somehow on the device so I did not have to use my phone every time they spoke to me.

And the battery? What a battery. It really is not a concern that you should keep in mind. After using the iPad a few hours a day, the next day it was still at 80%. Then, starting to use it more intensively, at least 4-5 hours a day, I constantly got two days of use. On days when it was easier to use, half an hour or an hour a day, I have already lost count for how many days I have not loaded it. I repeat: what a battery!

No LiDAR, but with good cameras

I do not want to focus on this part of the rear camera, because I always thought that in the end it looks kind of funny when taking pictures with a tablet. Yes, I know there are cases where we can use it to digitize documents or something like that, and it fits perfectly. In fact, in good light we get pretty good photos.

We will find some problems at night and we will not be able to resort to night mode to solve them. Anyway, why would you want to take a photo at night with an iPad?

The front camera, which is – for sure – the one we will use the most, behaves super well. FaceTime looks great, especially now that we can access this system in 1080p. The experience is very good on other video calling systems and you can take selfies from time to time without any problems. Video recording is also good. In short, fully corresponds to the performance of all these functions, although it would be illogical to think that it is at the level of the cameras of the current iPhone.


Let’s not go on longer than necessary, let’s get straight to the point: Is it worth buying the new iPad Air? The answer will depend on what you need, but my first impression is that if you were thinking of spending almost a million pesos on the iPad Pro, you should not do it. Overall, the iPad Air is better value for money.

Without a doubt, Apple has made a big leap this year, moving into this design format, refurbishing the hoses of this device and taking the iPadOS to where it is today. With all this combination iPad Air is becoming the standard for its own competition, setting the standard for how to do things right.

The price may seem a bit high, but if you really need a device for consuming multimedia content, I think every peso is worth paying. The fourth generation iPad Air is now available in Chile for a starting price of $ 649,990 and can be found in up to 5 colors: silver, gray, rose gold, blue and green.

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