Friday , February 28 2020
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Officials Support Possible Cabinet Change Proposed by Sebastian Pina | National

Leaders of the ruling party approved a possible cabinet change proposed by President Sebastian Pinera on Saturday and they agreed that the president would listen to demands from citizens and political parties.

For its part, National Renovation acknowledged that they had been talking with La Moneda about possible names to occupy the ministries, while UDI insisted the charges they should not be occupied by parliamentarians.

After President Sebastian Pianara asked all ministers to make their views available for a possible cabinet change, Fule Vamos backed it, arguing the president's decision was according to citizenship requirements and political parties.

While none of the leaders of the ruling party attempted to hand over the names of the candidates to the portfolios, National Renovation President Mario Desboards confirmed that they had held talks with La Moneda for possible applicants.

In that sense, the parliament did not exclude the presence of opposition MPs in the cabinet.

However, Independent Regional Party leader Hugo Ortiz was unclear in pointing it out. disagreed in the integration of parliamentarians who oppose the government.

For his part, UDI President Quaklin Van Rieselberg said senators and deputies they should not be candidates for ministriesand that mayors or political actors from other regions should occupy positions.

Evpoli's deputy, Felipe Cast, did not address possible cabinet proposals, but supported the decision by President Pichera.

When asked about his resignation, Undersecretary of Justice Juan José Osa said everything was available to the President of the Republic.

Although so far the appointment of the head of state is only a request, they expect the ruling party to make the change concrete this Monday.

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