Tuesday , July 27 2021

Obesity, an avalanche of negative sequelae; call for nutrition education

Mexico .- On snowballs starts from childhood, Three children suffer for every 10 children of obesity.

The number increases in adolescence up to four out of 10 and finally it is found in seven out of ten older adults.

It's an avalanche of diseases, Obesity is a risk factor for chronic degenerative diseases like diabetes, said the president of Academia Mexiquense de Medicina, Víctor Torres Mesa.

He stated that the changes in the diet of The Mexicans set the country as second place in thickness, only after USA

"Mexico is ranked first in the world in children's obesity, and the second in adults, this is a public health problem serious and urgent to attend, as it is favored the emergence of diseases like metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart attack, high levels of cholesterol, insufficiency kidney, hypertension, heart disease and orthopedic problems, between others, "he warned.

And everything begins in the early years of life.

A few years ago, children were sitting breakfast with the parents, ate with them and they still had a snack; Besides that, In the evening, the children engaged in playing in a few hours, "he said.

At present, this does not exist anymore, he said. because the parents leave very early and they leave money to the child he uses I buy bread or soda. When they return home eat what they have, piece pizza and refreshment, then watch TV or mobile phone in four hours.

This, he pointed out, created this ball from the snow grow.

"Like smoking, obesity is voluntary, but later when they begin harm to health, come with health sector to solve the problem, but people do not care about themselves, "he said.

He commented that the purchase of soft drinks, sweets and other non-food products, it represents 15% of family income.

"Many say:" I just smoke one and two cigars, and buy them in the corner, " but to those who spend at least 80 and a year they are almost 4 thousand pesos, "said Torres Mesa.

He is also the State Center of the Epidemiological surveillance and control Diseases of the State of Mexico (CEVECE)

He said that in maturity, Women are most affected by obsessivity.


He clarified that the federal government is responsible to regulate this issue, by labeling harmful foods for health, ie warning of the population consumption risks.

"Today, per capita of non-alcoholic drinks according to Mexican (sic) is 168 liters yearly, "he said.

In fact, he said, there are numbers where That means that seven out of ten children who they live in rural areas where they have breakfast refreshing to go to school.

"There can be seen why there is The refreshing industry is growing as it is the product exists in any remote place ", he claims.

Torres Mesa believes there is no other way to negotiate with these companies to help solve the problem, ie, encouraging physical activity.

The pediatrician and former director of Hospital for a child, Eduardo Chavez Enricke, confirmed that obesity is suffering on the rise.


Obesity, Eduardo Chavez explained, is accumulation of neutral fat in the tissue fat that exceeds 20% of the weight


The most common problems with that present people with this condition is apnea, which is an obstacle of adequate breathing during The dream also presents the liver fat, produced by the accumulation of fat or triglycerides in the liver, which diseases like cirrhosis can develop in the body which does not have a healthy liver that filters it blood

It can also cause disorders menstrual periods, detailed, because the fats are mixed with hormones responsible for regulating menstrual cycles; problems may arise tibial, which is excess weight of Tibia, which also affects her development

Another continuation is acanthosis nigricans, what is known as eclipse the skin in certain parts of the skin body like armpits and nail.

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