Monday , August 2 2021

Nokia 9 is seen in the first official images by Evan Blas

On Nokia 9 we talked with the point of satiety to the point that almost became a mythological animal. The first time we heard about it was in 2017 and since then its launch seemed inevitable again and again.

No one surprises us because we have five cameras in the back, because we saw them filtered throughout the year in infinity of photos of unofficial carcasses and mortars, but until now we have not seen it in all their glory. This is the first official look of Nokia's new flagship, if we believe in the sources Evan Blas (which are usually correct, everything is said).

The most anticipated flagship

Earlier we could appreciate his design in OnLeak renders, generated in theory of CAD files with the correct dimensions, but this method, although giving you an approximate idea of ​​the final design, has its limitations. If you want to know how Nokia 9 will be, this picture is up to now more faithful reproduction, and with excellent quality.


In the picture you can see the front side with a large screen (in theory of 5.9 inches and QHD), there is no notch and with the superior and inferior edges of the old school. On fingerprint reader It seems to be integrated below the screen.

The dates in the photographs of the press are never realistic and that they usually indicate the date on which the terminal will be presented. Now, on October 1 It falls on Monday in 2018, not in 2019, so it could be an old photo when it was planned to feature it in October. Who knows if by delay they made some changes?

On the back there are seven holes for five cameras with specifications we do not yet know, and that the official image does not clarify too much. They are agreed just like the first prototype we saw in September, although it is expected that the terminal will finally be presented, now, during the next Mobile World Congress.

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