Friday , April 16 2021

Noise, pollutant causing gradual deafness and other health hazards

Noise causes hearing loss, becomes responsible for accidents, causing social aggression, hostility and violence. Photo: Illustrative

Mexico, April 26 (Noimex) .- Noise is an environmental pollutant that, besides causing loss of hearing, becomes responsible for accidents, causing social aggression, hostility and violence.

The health ministry has warned that high levels of noise can lead to paranoia, irritability, stress, wisdom, and changes in intellectual performance, in addition to affecting sleep.

Acoustic pollution is a phenomenon that is increasing especially in cities with a high level of industrialization or densely populated, he said.

Therefore, it is recommended to apply good habits, such as reducing the volume of audio players, televisions and music equipment.

In the United States, more than 30 million people are regularly exposed to harmful levels of noise, that is, more than 80 decibels and on a busy street, the noise is higher.

Listening to loud music, especially with hearing aids, is a common cause of hearing loss from noise, notes the National Institute of Deafness and Other Disorders in Communication (NIDCD) in the United States.

When exposed to loud noises for a long time, you can gradually lose hearing and because the damage caused by this exposure is usually gradual, you may not notice or may ignore the signs of hearing. loss of hearing until it is more serious, according to one of the members of the said institution.

Over time, sounds can be distorted or heard weak and it's even difficult to understand other people when talking or watching TV, you need to increase the volume.

Hearing loss may be caused by noise, and may also be caused by extremely strong sound, such as firearms or explosions, as they may interrupt the eardrum or damage the small bones in the middle ear. In these cases the damage is immediate and permanent.

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