Friday , April 16 2021

Nico Jerry shook: "In Chile there is little tennis coverage and people think it's easy to be top 100"

Nicholas Jari (81st ATP) could not be against Daniel Medvedev (14) in the quarter-finals and bid farewell to the ATP 500 in Barcelona, ​​a productive week for Chilean. The second national racket will increase to the world rankings and will attract the attention of the Spanish press.

Interview with Brand, Jerry regrets that Chile no longer relies on tennis, and indirectly criticized the country's position in assessing the performances of national athletes.

"In my country, we are very nationalistic, but tennis has little culture and little coverage. Tennis fans believe it's easy to be seventy or the top 100 in the world, Nico Jerry said.

He explained that "We were so happy that Marcelo Rios, number one in the world; Fernando González, who was among the first fifteen years; and Nico Masu, who won the Olympic medal and was also ten ATPs. "

It continued to complement: "There was also Paul Capdell, who was seventy of the ATPs (76th) and treat him badly. We are always in comparison with Christian Garin and me with them. You need to learn to manage it."

Finally, the diminished national player condemned that "this year I want to continue to play and know how to deal with moments of pressure. The Nerves are what makes you doubt and change your game. The best in the world do not change. I would like to finish in the top 50, what is the rank I started with. "

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