Friday , April 16 2021

News DC: the only reason why Madrid will go to Neymar

No one in Real Madrid it seemed to recall Neymar Junior. The White Club, on the occasion of the return Zinedine Zidane on the bench and signing with almost complete safety I'm in danger, completely ruled out the possibility, as we could confirm Central defense, signing forward on Paris Saint-Germain, but the situation can again be changed in the coming dates.

Florentino Perez he always had Neymar between his eyebrows, having made his first dribbling and scored his first goals in Saints to be "child". But Neymar, with his father on the head he chose Barcelona for the "pasture" offered him. There were also irregularities in the signing, questions that do not apply to us now. Then the White President withdrew and encouraged his interest in him until summer 2017. The summer that could change everything.

The character of the carioca was determined to find a way out of Camp Nou to stop being in the shadow of Messi and won it Golden Ball and the president had everything he was willing to put on the table 222 million euros, its clause on recession. But Neymar and Neymar "Pai" they did not make the move and chose another route, it on Paris. However, it was not as expected the sheikh Nasser al-Kelaifi got "tied" also yes Kylian Mbappé, removing the status of the Brazilian idol of the Brazilian.

The project of PSG to win it Champions is shortened again for the second consecutive season and it is on Neymar, from Golden Ball, also. So, on Madrid it is forgotten, even more with the return of Zidane and the advent of Danger, but the Brazilian can be put, now to stand in the white club. The operation can become viable. (News by DC: Zidane has already told Kurto where he will be the owner)

It's enough, but very complicated

"Ney & # 39; he allows to be loved by Madrid. A few weeks ago he said that "every footballer would like to play in Madrid"And this Friday, he asked for which football player would like to form a deadly pair, he admitted it with Danger, whose signature by the subject of the Concha Espina Practically done. The only way for Madrid go for Neymar it is happening and not another that the Brazilian takes the step to claim a way out of him PSG.

Regardless of whether it does or even publishes it publicly, the operation will be complicated, sustained, but complicated. Florentine it will be difficult to get out Gareth Bale, whose goodbye is an open secret, but it will not be easy, because the Velesar wants to stay; and persuade Al-Kelaifi, which will not accept a lower bid than 222 million euros who paid for it. Money, in any case, will not be a problem. The question is this Neymar let's take the last step

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