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New employment options that open with the arrival of PPP supplies in oppression

Delivery applications entered the national market and now the trend has come to settle in La Serena and Coquimbo. For Uber Eats, the arrival in November of PedidosYa was added, while Spanish Glovo announced his arrival at the congress in January.

The novelty is that they are not only used to search for food at home, but have expanded their service, for example, to buy in pharmacies, botillerías and even supermarkets.

To do this, these companies have established a recruiting system for distributors, which opens up a new employment opportunity for those who want to generate extra income in this area.

Juan Martin Lopez, Managing Director of PedidosYa Chile, says that in November they started working in both cities with their new logistics service. "This consists of an APP to support different members of the trade through their own riders or deliverers, which allowed to expand the offer of our catalog, where you can find products from supermarkets, botillerías, pharmacies, gas pumps, pet shops, etc." , he says.

"It is necessary to have travel documents and daily driving licenses. Once selected, he is trained to be able to meet the required standards," said Juan Martin Lopez, Managing Director of PedidosYa Chile

According to the figures offered by the company, so far, there are 78 active motorcyclists. Because they work, they received 7,931 orders between the two cities, which speaks of the high demand they have. The most sought after meals are pizzas, sushi, sandwiches and chicken. Peak times are between 7:00 am and 9:00 am. Saturday and Sunday are the days that apply the most, and then follow Friday.

In the case of Glove, Willem Scholl, the manager of the firm in Chile, says that there will be more orders in the area. "You can order from a restaurant until you buy sneakers. We have predetermined categories like restaurants, pharmacies or markets, but you also have the option to send (courier) and use the" whatever "button, so if you miss something, Glover will bring you in. For example, I asked to buy clothes for clothes from a particular store that does not have an online presence, "he says.


As Juan Martin Lopez said, not everyone can be a PedidosYa driver. "It is necessary to have driving documents and daily driving licenses. Once selected, you will be trained to meet the standards required by our service, both by meeting timely requirements and traffic regulations," he says.

For his part, Willem Scholl notes that all the information that applicants are looking for is available at, "But in summary, the most important thing is that anyone who wants to be Glover can log on to that page and take part in the trainings that are offered every day in all the cities we are in. In addition, we have a very important legal filter where we check that all the documents of the potential Glovers are up-to-date. "Soon we will start advertising so people can choose," says he.


This APP's modality to do so is very successful, because unlike what was in the past, it can not only access those restaurants or stores that have staff for these functions, but anyone who wants to expand into this format.

In the case of PedidosYa, they also have modalities. "Through the traditional system, they can access any restaurant that has its own delivery, that is, their own motorcyclists. Through this system, restaurants can work with the client portfolio that has our platform, in addition to the technological communication support between the local and the consumption it has our platform, "says Lopez.

"It is necessary to have travel documents and daily driving licenses. Once selected, he is trained to be able to meet the required standards," said Juan Martin Lopez, Managing Director of PedidosYa Chile

Regarding those restaurants or chains that do not have their own delivered persons, the logistics service is offered "Through these partnerships it is possible to give access to the delivery service to those who do not have, which greatly extends our gastronomic offer. In both our models APP informs the restaurant's cuisine about the order and the particular meal. Depending on the system used, our platform projects the waiting time of the order, "he explains.

Studies show that the impact on sales that this format can have in restaurants is important and can grow between 20 and 30% commercialization. "By working with our platform, restaurants can access many regular users who use our APP. In addition, mobile delivery is a trend that has come to stay," the executive said.

He also states that today they are faced with a much more troubled consumer, which requires less waiting time and a comprehensive platform. "Our application accurately provides this aspect to our customers, a wide, diversified offer that is constantly expanding. So, by establishing alliances with PedidosYa, our partners increase their sales potential enormously."

Currently, it points out, they work with more than 3,000 brands from a variety of markets. "In the region of Coquimbo we work with more than 100 different options, where not only are restaurants, but also with supermarkets and botillerías. However, this offer will spread throughout the day."

78 Active cyclists maintain orders that are already available today. It started operating in November.

In the case of Glovo, Schol suggests that anyone who wants to enter can do so. "We do not charge a membership fee, but only a sales commission concerned the total purchases of customers".

Only from restaurants, he says that in oppression they expect to have at least 60 relevant options. "It's true that we could have more restaurants, but taking care of our user experience is very important, so we want to team up with renowned companies in the area."

Regarding the impact on sales, he argues that much depends on the type of food, the online presence that the store already has and contracts that are made. "That, he said, can represent up to 50% of sales in cases where people already know the brand of enterprises," he says. 3701iR


From PedidosYa they explain that the application must be downloaded to the mobile phone, where they have the bid catalog within their radius of sending. Once you make the request that best suits the client's taste, your order will arrive at your door for an average of 30 minutes. "Our platform has all the payment options available on the market, either through the online use of credit or debit cards, money or physical devices such as card readers." "Its availability will depend on the system provided by the restaurant," Lopez said.

In the case of Glovo, you must download the application in which you can see the offer of restaurants, pharmacies or markets ", but it is also possible to send (courier) and use the" whatever "button, so if you miss something , Glover brings it to you, "says Willem Schol.

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