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Nelson Tapia is excited about his wines in Barcelona

The last days of Nelson Tapia were quite tumultuous. On the typical commitments of these dates and several pittuos, he added a decision to move into the house. And not exactly in Chile.

The former goalkeeper prepares the suitcase to assume as a Barcelona scorer from Ecuador, a box that officially announced the news several days ago and will receive it right after the end of the year parties.

"This is a very nice opportunity that we must not leave, Barcelona Sporting Club is one of the biggest in South America and I am very happy to be called up," he said in a conversation with La Quarta.

A petition that is not new, because the "colossi" coach, Guillermo Almada, long wished that the man who took care of our arch in France, 98, transferred his knowledge to his directors.

In fact, the Uruguayan career began his career as a strategist in 2009 in his native country, and jumped to one of the great in Ecuador in 2015.

There he was convinced that in order to achieve great goals, he was supposed to trust people on his side, and the first thing he did was talk to Tapia in order to join his staff. Despite the honor it meant, "Simpson" refused to leave the Chilean capital and this is his main reason.

"When he took over, I was in junior football (under 17) and decided to stay here." Now he asked me again and I accepted it. Why was not this the first time? I felt that I was in the national team and that I would stay there and not was such, "said Atapepepas, who has an Olympic bronze medal.

And, of course, the moments are different. Tapia today is a pass in his possession, and his family, and especially his wife Catherine Ramirez, supported him from the moment when he appeared to be able to earn his bread abroad.

"When these cases occur when you can work, you need to go," says the former Catholic star.

However, it was not in the Crusades where Tapia met with Almada. Do few people know that the glove owner in that combination, directed by Nelson Tapia, shared his career in Rancagua.
"We were partners in OG Higgins in 1988, and already at that time he was a great professional, so he has my respect," concluded the former goal before preparing suitcases.

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