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National Championship 2020: This is how Kolo Kolo goes in the standings

The second round of the National Championship in 2020 begins, where unfortunately, the Colo Colo started with the left foot after falling 3-1 away to Palestine at the municipal stadium La Cisterna.

The 18th day of the tournament started on Friday with the game that Everton and O’Higgins animated at the Sausalito Stadium in Vi делa del Mar, where the Rankagioni team won with a minimum score with solitary result by Gustavo Gotti.

In this way, Capo de Province climbs to 16th place in the standings and surpasses Albos, reaching 15 points.

Saturday continued with Deportes Iquique’s game against Kuriko Unido, where the Tortors won 2-1 with results from Martin Cortes and Federico Castro.

In this way, the team from the Maul region reaches the top of the table and climbs to fourth place with 30 points, the same as Deportes Antofagasta, which has one game less.

Excellent game of Union Espanyol against Union La Calera in Santa Lora / PHOTO: Agency Uno

Later, Union Espanyol and Union La Calera animated one of the most prominent duels of the date, as it was a clash between two teams fighting for leadership. In a real game, the Hispanics won 3-2 and now share the top spot with Universidad Catholic.

The day culminated in a duel between Audax Italiano and Coquimbo Unido of Florida. Tanos won 2-0 with goals from Carlos Labrin and Gonzalo Elvarez, so they confidently arrived for their match with Colo Colo, but they prevented the pirates from taking a greater distance at the bottom of the table.

The new date should continue and that is why Universidad de Concepcion and Deportes Antofagasta opened on Sunday with a good game. Campanil beat Puma 2-0 and left the relegation zone of the weighted table.

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