Sunday , May 16 2021

NASA will return to the moon in 2019 in partnership with private companies

NASA announces a new project where it will join private companies to return to the moon.

NASA has big projects on the doorstep. One of them is historical: to restore the dynasty of Apollo missions and return to the moon. This explains why they require more seriousness Elon Musk.

Through official statement, the space agency revealed that she chose nine private US companies; in order to participate in the commercial lunar service program (CLPS).

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The final goal is for a man to return to the moon to prepare the jump to Mars. Therefore, these new participating firms will be responsible for designing and installing the vehicles needed for the first missions on the Moon's surface. These include companies:

Following the traditional protocol in these cases will begin sending robotic probes of research. Almost two a year on average. To finally prepare the journey of a human team.

It will be necessary to have patience. Since the CLPS program reviewed the start-up activities to achieve its first mission in 2019. But in reality the term can be extended to 2022.

The project has a budget of USD $ 2,600 million for the next ten years. So, NASA is serious about all this.

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